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Why are Capsulated Sarms preferred to Liquid Sarms?

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Most of the companies dealing with liquid Sarms based in the USA, sell Sarms for research purposes only. It is not meant for human consumption. So, what do they do? They import SARM raw powder from China, mixed it with alcohol or any other solvent in their basement and sell online.

Is this form of administration effective? No. Why?

The compound loss its effectiveness while mixing it with alcohol or any other solvent. When ingested as the liquid it interacts with our saliva. There are more than 30 types of enzymes and anti-microbial agents in our saliva whose primary function is to break down the molecules in our food or any other compound we ingest orally. Therefore, liquid sarms are less effective.


Capsule manufacturing is a complex process. It involves processes like weighing, screening, granulation, mixing, filling, Blister packaging, labeling, etc. One needs advanced technology, a fully functional unit and FDAs approval and license in order to do this.

Capsules are made of gelatin, which only dissolves reaching down our gut, making it available for our small intestine to absorb and feed it to our muscles through blood. Moreover, it is easy to use and it comes in a unit dosage form.

Do not be misled by marketing gimmicks, do your research, be aware and experience safest and undiluted capsulated sarms.

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