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Power of R͏𝐀͏͏𝐃͏-1͏4͏0͏ for Lean gains, Immense power and Stamina

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Salt Name: Testolone, RAD 140.

Other Names: RAD-140, Testomucoris, Vosilasarm.

Category: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.

Testolone/ RAD-140 Benefits and Uses:

  • Testolone / RAD-140 known to increase muscle mass, stamina, and endurance when combined with training.
  • Testolone / RAD-140 improves muscle mind coordination during training helping user to get more focus muscle strength, helping to do heavy weight with more repetitions.
  • In some individuals Testolone/RAD-140 has shown improved libido and increased sexual capacity when combined with the training.
  • In new users, Testolone/RAD-140 uses has shown an increase of 5-8kg in body weight over 12 weeks when combined with training , dosage were kept not more 30 mg per day and taken pre-workout.
  • Testolone/ RAD-140 is neuroprotective like testosterone and shown reducing the incidence of brain cell death.

Testolone/ RAD-140 Cycles and Dosage:

  • Testolone /RAD-140 can be stacked in lean bulk, bulking cycles for muscle mass gain. It is very similar anavar but give more muscle mass with bigger volumes. Those looking for big muscles with definition can go Testolone/RAD-140 Dosage should be kept under 30 mg per day taken before the training.
  • Testolone/ RAD-140 can be also stacked with anabolics for massive muscle building, combine it with any lean bulk or bulking cycle of anabolics. Dosage should be 20-60 mg per day. One should always start with lower dosage and increase progressively over the time.
  • Bodybuilders and gym goers who are struggling with increasing their lifting capacity and poor focus may add Testolone/ RAD-140 for increasing strength and endurance.
  • Testolone / RAD-140 when stacked with Nutrobal/ MK-677 for bulking. This has shown an increase in body weight upto 8kg in many individuals most of them were new users. Dosage are kept 20-30 mg of testolone/ RAD 140/ rad-140 combined with 40 mg of MK-677/nutrobal divided into 2 equal dosage.
  • Use of Testolone/ RAD-140 in washing and TRT has been increasing because of its ability to mimic androgens while do not cause suppression when taken under the recommended dosage. Many advance bodybuilders / pro users adding testolone/ RAD-140 to protect their muscle mass during TRT/ washing post anabolic cycle. The dosage should be kept between 20-40 mg per day.

 Testolone / RAD-140 Precaution and Side Effects:

  • In many individuals, dosage higher than 60 mg per day have seen causing testosterone deficiency due to suppression.
  • Individual with unhealthy / diseased / fatty liver may experience issues like bloating, burping etc after taking Testolone/ RAD-140.
  • People with diabetes Type 1 and 2 should not use Testolone/RAD-140.
  • People with any existing medical condition should avoid using this compound and should consult with medical professional/ sports medicine expert before starting its use.
  • People with cardiovascular issues.
  • People who had natural testosterone suppression due to anabolics use should not use this compound as this may help them maintain muscle mass and strength but will not increase muscle mass.

 Testolone / RAD-140 not working:

  • Insufficient nutrition of protein, essential fatty acid and lack of other micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.
  • Wrong dosage.
  • Lack of high intensity training.
  • Higher dosage than recommended dosage.
  • Natural testosterone suppression.
  • Blunted androgen receptors response due to previous steroids/ anabolic use and have not done pct/washing properly.
  • Existing liver/ kidney disease/ any other medical condition.

Q. How long should i cycle testolone/RAD-140 ?
A. One can run testolone/RAD-140 for 12 weeks in muscle building program.
QWhat are the side effects of testolone/ RAD-140 ?
A. Higher dosage may cause natural testosterone suppression. While using in cycle of sarms please do not increase daily dosage more than 40 mg per day. In some individuals it may cause stomach disturbances.
Q. How long does it take for testolone/ RAD-140 to show results ?
A. It may take 7-14 days to see the effects of using testolone/RAD 140/rad140.
Q. At what time of the day i should take testolone/RAD-140 ?
A.One should take it empty stomach 30-40 minutes before training for maximum benefits from Testolone/Rad-140.
Q. Do i need pct after using Testolone/ RAD-140 ?
A. No, if someone taking dosage lesser than 40 mg per day, it does not cause any natural testosterone suppression. However individuals who had taken more than 40 mg may experience suppression of natural testosterone and may need pct.

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