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ANAMUPORIS : Most Efficient L͏G͏D͏4͏͏0͏3͏3͏ for Lean Gains, Power and Stamina.

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Salt name :- Anabolicum, LGD-4033

Other names :-Ligandrol, VK5211, Anamuporis

Category :- Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.

Anabolicum/ LGD-4033 Usage and Benefits:

  • Anabolicum / LGD-4033 is known for boosting muscle growth and increased fat burning. Users have experienced increased lean mass and reduced body fat by 4-7 % on anabolicum/  LGD-4033.
  • Anabolicum / LGD-4033 known to increase the gluconeogenesis by liver, here it causes to liver to make glucose from fat stores in the body for its energy need. Anabolicum/ LGD-4033 can be beneficial when one has to maintain strength and lean mass on calorie deficit diet.
  • Anabolicum/  LGD-4033 can be used in pre-comp cycles to achieve vascularity and shredded muscles.
  • Anabolicum/ LGD-4033 promotes growth of type 2 muscles which mostly responsible muscle strength and higher calorie burning ability of muscles. Improved metabolism and increased strength of the muscle make them less prone to injury.

Anabolicum/ LGD 4033/ LGD-4033 Cycle and Dosage:

  • Anabolicum / LGD-4033 can used in fat loss/ cutting cycles to get lean mass and increased fat burning. While using for fat loss keep the dosage 10-20 mg for optimum result combined with strength training/ weight training.
  • Anabolicum/ LGD-4033 can be used in combination with other pre comp cycles products to amplify and speed up the fat loss and get the shredded looks. While using in stacking with anabolics a dose 10 mg every day is sufficient.
  • Anabolicum / LGD-4033 known increase the muscle type 2 fibres which are responsible for strength and fat loss. Athletes/professional bodybuilders can use dosage 10-30 mg for performance enhancement, this increases the strength with slight changes in weight.
  • Beginners who wish to get rid of excessive fat and build strength can use Anabolicum/ LGD 4033/ LGD-4033. Keep the dosage 10-20 mg during the cycle.

 Anabolicum / LGD-4033 Side Effects and Precaution:

  • Anabolicum / LGD-4033 may cause low blood pressure in some individuals and may experience headache, chills or low energy.
  • Individuals with past history of addiction of intoxicants or past history of liver or kidney problems may experience hand shaking and trembling when taking Anabolicum/ LGD-4033.
  • Anabolicum / LGD-4033 is slightly more suppressive compared to other SARMs. In some individuals it may cause suppression of natural testosterone even at dosage of 10 mg per day. However genetics play crucial role when it comes to side effects.
  • Anabolicum / LGD-4033 may cause hepatic/liver injury  in some individuals.

Anabolicum/ LGD-4033 not working/ No result:

  • Natural testosterone suppression because past use of anabolics.
  • Existing medical issues like hypothyroidism, liver and kidney issues , or issues related to blood pressure.
  • Wrong stacking/ wrong dosage.
  • Use of intoxicants.
  • Lack of rest/ proper sleep.
  • High carbs consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does LGD 4033/ LGD-4033/ Anabolicum builds muscles ?
A. Yes, it causes increased growth of type 2 muscle fibres in response of weight         training/ strength training. This results into more strength and increased fat             burning.
Q. Is LGD-4033/LGD 4033/ Anabolicum a steroid ?
A.  No, it is a SARM. it mimics the effects of androgens(steroids) by binding to             androgen receptors located in muscle, Bones and liver.
Q. Is LGD 4033/LGD-4033/ Anabolicum harmful ?
A. No, it is very safe when taken under recommended dosage for given length of         the time. For safety one can run LGD 4033/LGD-4033 /Anabolicum for not             more than 8 weeks at dosage upto 20 mg per day.
Q. How effective is LGD 4033/LGD-4033/ Anabolicum ?
A. It is very effective in increasing muscle strength and reducing body fat % by 4-       7 % in many cases.
Q. Where to get authentic Anabolicum/LGD 4033/LGD-4033 ?
A. To buy authentic Anabolicum/ LGD 4033/ LGD-4033 please visit our online             store https://onestop.fit/collections/sarms/products/anamuporis Or to know           more please contact us at https://onestop.fit/pages/contact-us-1 Or                       https://denikpharm.com/contact.





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