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ILLUMINAGE : True elixir of youth and vitality.

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Salt/ Peptide Name: Epitalon, AEDG peptide.

Other Names: Epithalon, Epithalone, Illuminage.

Category: Peptide

Content :- 5000 mcg/vial x 5

Epitalon/ Epithalon/ AEDG peptide usage and benefits :-

  • Epitalon/ Epithalon/ AEDG peptide is powerful is a powerful pineal gland activator and slows down its calcification. It has dynamic influence over endocrine system, circadian rhythm, and vitality of organs.
  • Epitalon/ Epithalon/ AEDG peptide primary role is to increase the natural production of telomerase, an enzyme that helps cells to produce telomeres which protects DNA from damages caused by cell division and stress. This allows DNA to be replicated many times causing new cell growth and rejuvenate existing cells.

Epitalon / Epithalon / AEDG peptide cycles and dosage:

  • Epitalon/ Epithalon/ AEDG peptide is used by many athletes / Body builders for rejuvenation of internal organs, stabilising circadian rhythms, and boost youthfulness. Keep the dosage 20-50 mcg /day /kg taken into 2-3 doses through out the day. Run for minimum of 12 weeks and maximum of 24 weeks.
  • Epitalon/ Epithalon/ AEDG peptide can be used for anti aging purposes, keep the dosage 300-500 mcg x 2 times per day for 20-24 weeks.

Epitalon/ Epithalon/ AEDG peptide side effects and precaution:

Till the date, we don't have much information over any side-effects associated with Epitalon/ Epithalon/ AEDG peptide usage. If you  have any questions or concerns then please feel free reach us.

People with existing disease/ medical condition etc may consult their doctor before initiating Epitalon/ Epithalon/ AEDG peptide use.

Epitalon/ Epithalon/ AEDG peptide frequently asked questions:

Q. Does Epitalon work ?
A. Epitalon was discovered by Vladimir Khavinson, a Russian professor who studied it and conducted human and animal trials for over 35 years. These trials proved that this peptide is quite effective in fighting aging.
Q. What is Epitalon peptide used for ?
A. Epitalon is used for its ability to slow down aging and rejuvenating various organs and systems of the body especially endocrine system and circadian rhythm. It is anti-aging.
Q. Can women use Epitalon for anti-aging ?
A. Yes, women can use epitalon for anti aging.
Q. How long one should run Epitalon for benefits ?
A. To see extended anti-aging benefits kindly use for 12 -24 weeks.

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