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FRAG-RIP : Higher Energy Metabolism, Better performance and fit Body.

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Salt/ Peptide  name: Tyr-hGH Fragment 177-191, AOD 9604

Other names: Fragrip

Category: Peptide/ Protein hormones.

Content :- 2.5 mg x 5 vials.

hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/ AOD 9604 benefits and usage:

  • hGH FRAGMENT 177-191 is known for its anti-lipogenic activity, known to break down stored fat into free fatty acids causing body burn fat for its energy needs. hGH FRAGMENT 177-191 / AOD 9604 best suitable with fasting and calorie deficit diet based fat loss such as keto etc.
  • hGH FRAGMENT 177-191 / AOD 9604 known to improve the quality of hairs, skin and internal organs, this is because of the reason that breaking down fatty tissues in the body increases the essesntial fatty acids in the blood, which improves the health of above mentioned body parts.
  • hGH FRAGMENT 177-191 / AOD 9604 has shown considerable effect on Leptin and ghrelin levels, it enhances the activity of leptin while minimising the effect of ghrelin helps in reducing frequent hunger and improving insulin sensitivity.

hGH FRAGMENT 177-191 / AOD 9604 Cycles and Dosage:

  • For fat loss cycle use dosage in range of 5-12 mcg/kg 2-3 times per  day for maximum fat loss. Kindly do not consume carbohydrates and minimise the consumption of fat during the use of hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/ AOD 9604. One also use this product during their keto cycles with same dosage mentioned above.
  • Advance and pro bodybuilders may add hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/AOD 9604 in their cutting cycles where it will help in maintaining energy levels, increasing vascularity and skin quality (helps in skin thinning)  during low calorie dieting or intense cutting cycles. Keep the dosage 5 mg/kg two times daily, one dose taken pre workout while the other taken night time before bed.
  • People with frequent eating habits / hunger issues can use hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/ AOD 9604 to reduce their hunger and promote fat loss throughout the day and night. Dosage should be kept 5-12mcg /kg 2-3 times every day. Kindly do not eat carbohydrates and minimise the consumption of oils/ fats.

 hGH FRAGMENT 177-191 Side effects and Precautions:

  • People with diabetes type 1 and 2 should not use this hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/AOD 9604.
  • People with hypothyroidism should not use this hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/AOD 9604.
  • People with blood pressure issues like heart problem, low or high Blood pressure problems etc should not use this hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/AOD 9604.
  • People who are consuming any kind of intoxicants should not use this hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/AOD 9604

 hGH FRAGMENT 177-191 /AOD 9604 not working / no results:

  • Presence of carbohydrates and unhealthy oils like refined / palm oil in diet.
  • Adrenal suppression.
  • Diabetes .
  • Daily calorie intake are surplus ie more calorie taken through food than what is required by the body. Keep the calorie intake below 50% of the actual need for optimum fat loss.
  • Lack of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acid in diet.
  • Lack of exercise and sleep.

Frequently Asked Questiona:

Q. Is AOD 9604 the same as Frag 176-191 ?
A. No, it is different molecules with added tyrosine. AOD-9604, also known as Tyr-hGH Frag 176-191, has been proven to have a strong fat burning capacity,lowering hunger. It is almost 12.5 more capable in fat burning compared to GH.
Q.Does fragment 176-191/AOD 9604/ hGH FRAGMENT 177-191 work ?
A. Yes, when taken under appropriate cycle combined with exercise and dietary changes, it can provide awesome results with no side effects at all.
Q.How long should I take frag 176-191/hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/ AOD 9604 ?
A. One can run it for 8-12 weeks for fat loss, while stacking with other anabolics run it as long as your cutting cycle.
Where to buy authentic frag 176-191/ hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/AOD 9604 ?
To buy authentic frag 176-191/ hGH FRAGMENT 177-191/ AOD 9604 please visit our online store at https://onestop.fit/pages/contact-us-1 or to know more reach us at https://denikpharm.com/peptides/frag-rip or https://denikpharm.com/contact






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