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Which one is better, Sarms or Steroids?

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As bodybuilding has become a trend, many sought after drugs and supplements. And it’s confusing for the user to choose right.

Steroids and SARMs, both are used for bodybuilding purposes. 
And now it is a high time for the bodybuilders to be aware of the side effects caused by steroids abuse.

Steroid inhibits natural testosterone production in the body causing side effects such as Infertility, sexual disorders, etc. While SARMs do not suppress as such but enhances the healthy growth of testosterone.

Steroid users need to consume anti-estrogen and run PCT (post cycle therapy) because it causes irreversible side effects such as impotency, gynecomastia (male breasts) platelets aggregation.

SARMs are unique and do not cause such hormonal imbalances and do not require anti-estrogen and PCT.

Steroid gets converted into DHT leading to baldness and prostate enlargement leading to prostate cancer.
Whereas SARMs do not get converted into DHT.

So, we encourage the bodybuilders to be aware of the pros and cons and choose the safe and better products.

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  • Great article. Steroids are maybe effective, but due to harmful side effects you should try safer alternatives.

    Cliff on

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