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What is the Dosage of MK 677 ?

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Dosage of MK 677 or Nutrobal

Effective Dosage of MK 677 for a bulking or Gaining Cycle is 10mg Thrice a Day, 30-45 Mins Before Meals on Empty Stomach

Things to Keep In Mind 

1. Always Take MK 677 on an Empty Stomach.

2. Take MK 677 at least after a gap of 90 Mins from the last meal.

3. Do not eat anything for at least 30 mins After taking Mk 677.

4. Shall always be used on bulking/Gaining Cycle only.


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  • Sir i am n intermediate level bodybuilder can i take this ,or how much quantity can i take in one time aur how many time i have to take this in a day, san you send me the full desciption for that.

    amardeep on

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