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Winters are a Bodybuilder’s favorite for a Bulking or
Gaining. Today we will talk about the top 3 sarms, which can help us Grow Bigger and Stronger.

MUPOSTARINE : Also known as MK 2866 is a Powerful Selective Androgen, Able to Stimulate Muscle Growth Selectively without causing unwanted Side effects. 
With a High Protein Diet ( ie 3 Times of your body weight) one can bulk up real big.

Dosage: MUPOSTARINE dosage is 10-20mg Everyday 30-40 mins Before Workout on an Empty Stomach for 2-3 Months.

NUTROCUBALIS: A powerful GHRH(Growth-Hormone-Releaser) is able to Stimulate hGH(Growth-hormone)up to 1500%, with Improved Appetite, Digestion, Sleep and Recovery. This helps Put some good Muscle mass with Elevated Fat Loss.

Dosage: NUTROCUBALIS Dosage is 10mg Thrice a day 30-45 mins Before meals on Empty Stomach for 2-3 months.

TESTOMUCORIS: Also known as RAD140 is Most powerful Selective Androgen, which Stimulates Muscle Growth, unlike any other SARM. 

Dosage: TESTOMUCORIS Dosage 10mg Everyday on Empty Stomach Upon waking up for 2-3 months.

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  • Mayur sir, please share your whatsapp contact number so that i can get in touch with you and suggest you a proper cycle.

    Sarm india on
  • hi sir
    I m from surat,

    body weight-60 kg
    hight- 172.7cm

    me 2 seal se workout kar raha hu.. ab muje aage progress badhani hee..
    kon sa sarms start karu?

    plz rep ASAP

    mayur on
  • sandeep ji. Jaruri nahi hai ki aap 3 sarm use kare gaining ke liye. agar aap first time user hain to ek sarm bhi aap pe achha kam karega

    sarm india on
  • kya sir 3 sarm ak sath use karne hote gening k liye

    Sandeep on
  • Hello Sir,
    Can we take all three sarms in one time or in a day for get bigger muscle.
    i have already used MUPOSTARINE (mk2866), so kindly guide me for bigger muscle.

    Thanks & Regards

    Naveen on

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