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Stenamuporis: Higher Energy Metabolism, Better performance, fit Body with unlimited Power

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Salt name: Stenabolic, SR-9009.

Other names :- Stenamuporis.

Category :-Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.

Stenabolic / SR-9009 Usage and Benefits:

  • Stenabolic/ SR-9009 promotes negative energy balance by reducing hunger/frequent eating habits and boosting metabolism to burn more calories in form of blood glucose and lipids. This is the reason it can stacked into cutting/ fat loss cycles.
  • Stenabolic/ SR-9009 improves the cardiovascular, respiratory, and endocrine response to stress like training making them more resilient. Many athletes/ bodybuilders take it keep their body system intact and make them working to maximum capacity.
  • Stenabolic/ SR-9009 is a REV-ERB𝛂 agonist means it boost metabolism of lipids and blood glucose and helps them to get transported to target muscles where they can be used for energy and growth.
  • Stenabolic / SR-9009 improves insulin sensitivity helps in increasing glucose and amino acids uptake into the muscle helps in quicker recovery.

Stenabolic/ SR-9009 Cycles and Dosage:

  • Stenabolic/  SR-9009 can stacked into lean gain and fat loss cycles. While using it for lean gain/ fat loss cycle, keep the dosage 10-30 mg per day at night time for optimum results.
  • Stenabolic/ SR-9009 can be stacked with any SARMs or anabolics, where it will help in reducing the side effects associated with anabolics use on Cardiovascular, Respiratory , and Endocrine systems. If taken such keep the dosage 10-20mg per day night time before going to bed.
  • Many bodybuilders and professional athletes use Stenabolic/ SR 9009 to improve their insulin sensitivity. This allows them to increase glucose and amino uptake in muscle fibres speeding up recovery. When using for this purpose a dose 10 mg per day night time before bed is recommended.

Stenabolic/ SR-9009 side effects and precautions:

  • People with compromised liver function / gut issues may experience bloating issues after taking the product.
  • When exceeding recommended dosage of 30 mg per day may cause natural testosterone suppression.
  • Do not use stenabolic/sr9009/ SR 9009 with cardarine for fat loss cycle in men, it has been observed that on this combination many men tends to gain weight instead of loosing it.
  • People with any medical condition avoid using it, consult to medical professional / sport medicine expert before initiating its use.

Stenabolic / SR-9009 no result / not working:

  • Any existing medical condition.
  • Wrong dosing / stacking.
  • Too much carbs and lesser essential fatty acids in diet.
  • Lack of high intensity training.
  • Natural testosterone suppression.

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Q. What is Stenabolic/ SR-9009 is used for ?
A. Stenabolic/ SR-9009 ability to decrease hunger and increased lipids and blood glucose making suitable choice for fat loss / body recomping cycles.
Q. Is Stenabolic/ SR-9009 a fat burner ?
A. No, stenabolic/ SR-9009 is a SARM.
Q. Does Stenabolic/ SR-9009 affects testosterone ?
A. No, if it is taken under 30 mg per day will not cause any suppression. Increasing the dosage beyond 30 mg may cause suppression.

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