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ILLUMINAGE: Most powerful clinically proven anti-ag͏eing treatment for Youthfulness

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  • ILLUMINAGE is also known as EPITALON is a Most powerful clinically proven anti-ag͏eing treatment for longevity, enhanced vitality, optimum physical and mental strength, accelerated metabolism and many more benefits.
  • True partner of hG͏H for sustained muscle growth, optimum fat loss and forever youthfulness.
  • Rejuvenation of pineal gland and slowing down its age related calcification, improving sleep pattern, reduces the risk of age related endocrine failures boosting metabolism and homeostasis.
  • It is also known to reduce age related depression and anxiety.
  • Slowing down ageing of internal organs such as lungs, heart, kidneys, liver etc.
  • Dosage: 50 - 250mcg x 2 / day
  • Cycle Duration: 3 - 24 months.

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